A Brief History

The Ebomini Community Development Project was founded by Fundile Jack Mahala and Liya Mahala in July 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Originally from Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage, they have moved to settle in Cape Town. They are committed and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged people of Khayelitsha.

They are passionate about their calling - to serve the community of Khayelitsha through social ministry by educating the children, protecting the children against any form of abuse, caring for the orphans, bringing awareness about HIV/AIDS and teaching people to uphold and embrace the spirit of ubuntu (togetherness). “I am because we are” They draw their daily strength from God who enables them to keep the dream alive and perform with excellency.

The project was started due to the great need in Khayelitsha. Once there, they discovered that parents could not afford to send their children to Day Care and therefore many children were either left alone in their houses or with a neighbour unattended while their parents were out working or looking for jobs.

Leaving children alone has given rise to many forms of abuse such as physical abuse, child theft and child slaughter. “We have seen many children crying out for help and sometimes they don’t get the holistic assistance they need when it comes to rape and emotional abuse. We wanted to be the helping hand and the listening ear to their problems and needs, because if we ignore their needs and problems now, this could result in problems in the future with these children getting involved with gangsterism, substance abuse, drug abuse, with the potential of turning out to be criminals” says Fuldile and Liya.

“We have seen many children left alone in the passing of parents. Sometimes they are left infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS and they are desperately looking for help. We are committed to make a difference in the lives of these children.”
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