Policies & Procedures

Ebomini Educare Centre is committed in creating a safe and happy environment for all the children. As the Educare we teach them responsibility, independence and good habits. No one is allowed into the centre, unless by arrangement with the principal. As we do not want to disrupt the class or disturb the teachers and care givers. Ebomnini Educare Centre has an open door policy; however it would be appreciated if parents phone between 6am to 6:00 pm for any enquiries. No valuables are to be brought to school as Ebomini Educare is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items. Parents are to ensure that all clothing, snack boxes and personal items are clearly marked with the learners name and surname.



18 months- 3 years
Mon – Thurs 6:00 am –6:00 pm Friday 6am – 5pm

3 years – 6 years
Mon - Thurs 6:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday 6am – 6pm.

Educare officially starts at 6 am every morning. Please ensure that your child is fetched on time as well as not dropped at the centre before 6 am. We do consider parents who use public transport and those who leave early for their place of work. Should parents delegate the duty of fetching their child to a relative, friend or neighbour, the centre has to be notified of the name of the person prior to collection of the child and the person collecting the child is required to provide the learners unique name and ID number which is a security measure put in place at the Educare.

We will not allow a minor to be delegated to fetch a child for the safety of the child. Please notify us should you wish to fetch your child earlier than 16:30. The centre is closed on all public holidays. Please note that Educare is a place where children learn to solve their own behaviour problems, manage or modify their behaviours and therefore children are exposed to scratching, fighting and biting, however behaviour of that nature is not taught at the educare. Please feel free to liaise with the principal / centre managers via written note (email or hard copy) or telephonically. Try not to make noise in the morning when you drop your child as we prefer to concentrate on welcoming your child and for the sake of those who are still asleep.

School fees

For the safety of children and staff our Educare is a cash-free environment and all parents are required to make use of cash deposit to the educare bank account or use EFT: Bank details are as follows:

Bank name: Standard Bank
Account Number: 163552464
Branch name: Khayelitsha
Branch code: 051001
Account type: Savings Account
Reference: Your child’s name & surname

Please forward a copy of the transaction to the Educare latest by 8th of each month. Please note that fees are affordable to all parents as we welcome all children. We want to make the Educare accessable and a safe place for keeping your children. The fees go towards the Educare maintenance, water and electricity, children’s outings, graduations and etc.


We prefer a verbal communication with the parent if there are any queries regarding a child unless the parent is overcommitted and does not have the time. Parents will be called in for a meeting should we have any concerns or require assistance with your child.


We make use of a “time-out” method and children are encouraged and assisted in finding alternative methods or activities to deal with the issues causing them to behave in a dissatisfactory manner. We do not encourage any form a tool to beat a child for discipline. Please take any grievances and concerns to the principal and we have a 24 hours policy to attend to your grievances and concerns.

First Aid/Health policy/emergency procedure

Parents are requested to declare any form of sickness, allergies, and eating habits whether small or big for the safety of the child and for others. Parents will be notified should their child become ill or injured at the Educare during the course of the day and the next course of action will be decided upon. If deemed necessary by the educare for a child to be collected the parents will be notified accordingly. We have a blood safety policy at the educare and all members of staff wear surgical gloves when tending to wounds / injuries.

In the interest of all children and staff at the educare please do not send sick childrent o educare – if you need to send in medicine with your child they should rather be at home. In the event of a child needing urgent medical attention, at the discretion of the principal, the child will be taken to the nearest clinic and the parent will be notified before time.


Ebomini Educare encourages healthy eating and nutritional diet. Our menu consists of breakfast, lunch and two snacks thus providing healthy and nutritiously balanced meals every day. Parents are required to provide one daily snack, eg. Fruit, yoghurt, sandwich or whatever the child finds enjoyable. No sweet/ lollipops and peanuts are allowed. All children at Ebomini Educare must have completed an indemnity form for the current year.

Evacuation procedure/ fire drill

A fire drill is practised once a month; so that staff and children are able to respond effectively and understand the procedure should an emergency occur. Hand held fire extinguishers and fire hose reels are serviced according to regulation and inspected regularly.


Emphasis is placed on a clean environment. Tiled floors are washed and cleaned daily. All toys are sanitized regularly. Food is prepared under sanitary conditions aligned with environmental health policies. Children are given their own waterproof mattress and a blanket (in cold weather). All bedding is washed regularly. Toilets are cleaned regulary and children are monitor should they need to use it.


A spare change of clothing is to remain at the bottom of your child’s bag in a plastic bag. Long hair must be tied up or clipped back. Children are encourage to wear uniform all the times and children are encourage to wear comfortable shoes.

Parents and Contactability

All Parents must provide us with their contact details and alternative number for emergency. If you have changed your address/cell numbers please let us know. Inform us if you will change the person to pick up your child as we will not allow any stranger to pick up a child.


Do not leave your child without entering the door of the Educare. Make sure that you close the gate behind you when you are leaving the premises. No smoking is allowed in the premises.

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