SABT is our primary sponsor. They have helped us to start the project from the ground up and are still helping us to carry on with our vision.

Thanks to Andre Baard and the family of SABT for making our dream a reality.

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Cape Gate Super Spar

We would like to thank Cape Gate Super Spar for donating food parcels for our soup kitchen to feed the hungry people and people infected with HIV/AIDS.

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Cape Gate Pick n Pay

“Thank you to Cape Gate Pick n Pay for giving us a once off donation for Ebomini Educare.”

Rev. Sheila Brown & Rev. Brown

Thank you to Rev. Sheila Brown and her Husband Rev. Brown for their Donation to Ebomini Educare.


A very Big Thank you to Econo Heat for making our children warm at Ebomini Educare during this Winter Season”


Zoe Life Community Church

Daily Bread Support

We would like to say thanks to Joseph Lee for continuously giving us bread on Thursdays for soup kitchen.

2014 Donations

We would like to say thanks to Jean Richmond who have donated to our Educare 2014

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